The World Skincare Projects' core mission is bringing women together. Regardless of perceived differences in race, color, ethnicity, lifestyle, or beliefs... we all really do want the same things. Love, Health, Peace, Balance and of course, beautiful glowing skin...

Celebrating the Divine Feminine with Gifts from Gaia

Far beyond the mythological Gaia...

the name has come to represent an all-loving, nurturing and intelligent force of love on the planet. To keep us connected to Mother Earth, we must stay connected to our ancestry. Our ancestral women have developed skincare remedies and practices from the earth for thousands of years. 

The World Skincare Project seeks to inspire women to share their grandmother and great grandmothers beauty rituals. Not just the external ones, but other rituals for the body and mind as well, since beauty really is an inside job. 

What beauty rituals have been passed down to you? Tag us in your #WorldSkincareProject beauty ritual post, or send us a message below telling us all about it!

What beauty rituals have been passed down to you?


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